satire tasteless

L1Ph3, 4((0RD1|\|9 70 5P4/\/\ 3/\/\41L

Title translation: life, according to spam email

7|-|3$3 R $UBj3(7 L1||3$ 0Ph 3/\/\41L$ 1 |-|4\/3 r3(31\/3D r3(3||7L’/

Translation: these are subject lines of emails i have received recently

Yeah, this will be difficult reading. These email subject lines were actually fed through the “L337 Speak Converter” at Consider this to be a test of your “Leet” (L337) translation skillz 🙂

1 b3L13\/3 j00Z |\|33D 17
1 Ph0U||D 4 |\|3\/\/ 91RLPhR13|\|D 35P3(14LL’/ Ph0R j00Z
4 (0||7R1BU710|\| pHR0/\/\ 7|-|3 \/\/0R|< 0pH 90D
4r3 j00Z L00|<1|\|9 Ph0r LU><Ur’/ pr0P3r7’/ 1|\| (0$74 d3L 50L?
900D d4’/
1 \/\/4||7 70 U|\|DR355 1|\| PhR0|\|7 0Ph j00Z
1’/\/\ \/3R’/ |-|07!
7|-|3 b357 p1(|<3D 94RL1( 5UPPL13R
jU57 574R7 17
1Ph j00Z (4|\| r34D 7|-|1$ /\/\3$$493, j00Z (4|\| 937 $UP3r $4\/1|\|9$!

comedy Popular Culture satire

***** F331ing want3d, 10v3d, and saf3: 1ife acc0rd1ng t0 spam emai1*****

Additi0na1 wa5t3 0f tim3 i5 n0t f0r y0u
Am3rican5 pr0ud t0 gr0wn an 3xtra inch
An 3a5i3r T3ch 53arch f0r a B3tt3r W0r1d
Ar3 y0u h0t und3r th3 c011ar?
BBC h00dy mad3 in china
Big gir15 n33d big diam0nd5.
B0n J0vi di3d
By g3tting a dip10ma y0u wi11 5h0w 3v3ry0n3 y0ur int311ig3nc3
C313brat3 y0ur 1if3-10ng achi3v3m3nt5
D3ar G0d’5 313ct,
D035 ang3r di5c010ur y0ur 1if3
H3y, Fri3nd
H0w ar3 y0u f0r di5a5t3r r3c0v3ry?
I am int0 5h0rt3r m3n
If y0u can’t b3at th3m j0in th3m
Ign0r3 thi5 at y0ur p3ri1
I 1ik3 t0 c0nduct an activ3 way 0f 1if3
I 1iv3 in Ru55ia
I 10v3 t3chn010gy
I’m a g00d gir1 g0n3 bad!
I n33d urg3nt h31p d3ar
I N33d Y0ur A55i5tanc3
I r3a11y wanna ta1k t0
I 53arch 10v3
I Tru1y D0 Mi55 Y0u
I want t0 invit3 y0u t0 1unch
I wi5h t0 hav3 g00d fri3nd5hip with y0u
J3nnif3r Ani5t0n di3d
My fri3nd5 5ay that I am v3ry fri3nd1y
N33d t0 b3 ch33r3d up
N0 m0r3 b00k5 f0r MBA
0v3rc0m3r5 G3t A11 th3 G00d 5tuff!
R3: what?
5h3 wi11 b3 happy
5ick! 0n Th3 Danc3 F100r
5t0p Dr3aming 5tart Acting
5ucc355 at w0rk i5 guarant33d if y0u buy a Harvard dip10ma
Th3 1itt13 b0y 105t in th3 10n31y f3n, 13d by th3 wand3ring 1ight
Try t0 kn0w
W3’r3 0ut 0f fu31. W3’v3 u53d up a11 0ur p0w3r.