Old fogeys running for office

You know society is devolving when the only choices for Americans in the next presidential election is between two senile old fogeys each accusing each other of being senile old fogeys, and to have that as the dominant, animating theme in the political campaign so far.

It has come down to which fogey the American public would rather have in office. Would you rather have a fogey who can’t remember details about his son and goes off on tangents in his speeches, or one who is a truth-challenged, incoherent billionaire man-baby who throws ketchup at the television? Hard choice, I’d say. And it hardly helps that the man-baby candidate is staring down criminal charges in courtrooms all over the country, including federal.

If these were saner times, neither of these candidates would be suitable. But that gives me an idea. Presidential candidates should have “none of the above” on their ballots, with a rule stating that if “none of the above” wins the election, they have to throw out the slate of candidates and re-run the election with new candidates. Nevada did that with Nikki Haley. And they had a slate of candidates (sans Trump), including Tim Scott and Mike Pence: 7 candidates in all. They should do that again in South Carolina, Haley’s home state where Trump is choosing to run.

By the way, my imaginary way of running “none of the above” on a ballot is not how it is being used in reality in Nevada. Haley officially won the election in Nevada; but that “none of the above” received more votes was more of a political embarassment than anything. And I notice that embarassment doesn’t count for much in politics these days.

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