Strider’s Picks

These are what I feel to be my recommendations so that you can save time going through deadwood in this blog. I rated them somewhat in order of importance, or chronology, or something. This list will change sporadically as new articles get added.

      1. Jordan Peterson book review (12 Rules)
      2. The Hobbit: A Fan Edition
      3. The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck: A Review
      4. Fake Book Titles Series: I II III IV V
      5. Private Hell Made Public
      6. You Can’t Go Back to The Garden
      7. JFK Documents Released I II
      8. Today’s Weather: Frantic!
      9. Catherine McKenna
      10. First Donald Trump article
      11. Example article of Order of Canada series
      12. The popularity of “Child Poverty”
      13. The extremes of Trudeau Coverage
      14. Example article of Famous Teetotalers
      15. Retail sales attention grabber
      16. Review of the 2016 re-release of Lolita Nation
      17. The world’s worst commute
      18. Santa Bailout Hearings
      19. What has become the loony left
      20. A political party whose initials are the AAEVPC
      21. ThoughtCrime Radio
      22. Alex Jones
      23. Critique of “Mindblowing Fact” video
      24. Do you remember Adam Nobody?
      25. Was 9/11 a comspiracy?
      26. A discussion on Homo Neanderthalensis
      27. Didja know that Happiness is a mental illness?
      28. An article on cell phones and our addiction to them
      29. The side of Deep Throat no one talks about
      30. Ignatieff’s loss is Ignatieff’s fault
      31. IQ = BS also, Part 2
      32. Our lack of a year zero
      33. 7×7 magic squares
      34. How to make an Indie record cover
      35. Chili and TSP
      36. The Difficult Listening Moment in Two Words
      37. Alive without my permission: Worrisome medical notes
      38. Bobbi Gentry’s Ode To Billie Joe, Remembered
      39. Doing Dylan Worse than Dylan
      40. Threes (by John Atherton)
      41. Why it doesn’t Suck: Music From The Seventies part VI
      42. Michael Tarry, “Rosalie”, and the Summer of 1973
      43. T-Shirts I’d like to see
      44. Remember, when the air was free?
      45. Foggy essays
      46. New ways of going insane

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