Crappy Album Covers #271 — Smoking Tie-Ins

I have mentioned tie-ins before. Remeber Squirt? Now we have records by cigarette manufacturers. This brand was popular in Germany.

For this posting, we have two records which tie in with tobacco. Now you can die in two languages.

… And Chesterfield Club cigarettes were popular in the States. I am not sure how I am supposed to associate cigarettes with baseball. The famous repetitive quotation by Russ Hodges (1910-1971) that makes this album title was from an historic 1951 game when player for the New York Giants Bobby Thompson hit the ball into the grandstands, known as the “shot heard around the world.” The earned the Giants 3 runs to win against the Brooklyn buy viagra online with prescription Dodgers 5-4 that year. I suspect that the 1951 game, now part of World Series history, is probably what the recording is about. Along with endorsing cigarettes.
What is unique about this LP is that it had to be played at 78 RPM, but was a 12-inch record. If you are familiar with 78s, they were usually all 10 inches. So, the format was exceptionally rare. Kind of like Cocteau Twin’s Victorialand, which was a full-length 12″ LP from the mid-80s which had to be played at 45 RPM.