Crappy Album Covers #329 — Mathematics and album covers

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Hey,and I thought I was the only one with a collection of mathematical music. Now, is my time to shine, and make millions! Now, courtesy of Strider’s Records, comes this great collection of mathematical ditties! Using various trigonometric equations, a waveform is fed into a sequencer, where you get the following 16 second hits that will make me obscene piles of money! (Some are up to 18 seconds, for the record)
Get a load of these UFO sounds:

Then, party to “throat-singing” simulations:

And then join the after-party for some warbling simulations:

Then, mellow out to my rendition of Lou Reed’s Metal Machine Music:

This is an alternative cover for Rick Wakeman’s first-ever recording, Piano Vibrations. It’s here, because of the geometric figure on the cover.

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