[Video Monday] Tom Middleton – One Night Lovers

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Tom Middleton was another seventies artists who spends these days delivering mail for Canada Post in Victoria, BC. He had four hits in the mid-70s, this one being from February of 1976, peaking in Canada at #35, and never charting in the States. If you listen carefully to the intro, you can hear a guitar in the background playing “Here Comes The Sun”.

This is the last in the short-lived Video Monday series. The video seemed to have been deleted from the server, and I have replaced it with this MP3 file. Enjoy.

6 thoughts on “[Video Monday] Tom Middleton – One Night Lovers”

  1. Tom is my cousin in law – married to my cousin Pam. Great artist and wish his career had gone further

    1. Hi Connie
      My name is Rita. My friend Lily is a huge fan of Tom’s since she was in high school. Her favourite song is “One night lovers.” Her birthday is Aug 30th do you think we could ask Tom to wish her a happy birthday?

      1. I know that thi sis past Lily’s birthday, but I have no contact with Tom Middleton, and have never met him in person. I just know what I know from scouring the Internet. I wish I had more information about him and many of the artists I had covered in these series. I hope her birthday was happy!

  2. I loved Harbour for my Soul (got me through some tough times when I was a teenager) and some of Tom’s other songs in the 1970s. I’m sorry to see that his career didn’t go further. Nice to be able to hear his songs again today on the Internet.

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