In case you are out of blogging ideas again …

I can’t seem to get enough of these automated blog idea generators. I have written about them before. These sites can easily be google’d, and I am not sure if it matters who they are. They are pretty much the same, and if you are that desparate for blog ideas, you are welcome to take advantage of these. I don’t much care for them.

I entered: author, election, fraud, coffee, and keyboard to one blog topic engine that asked for 5 words.

The results, once again, were mildly amusing, and a constant reminder to follow my own creative muse rather than rely on a bot to tell me what to write:

  • Author: Expectations versus reality
  • Will election ever rule the world?
  • The next big thing in keyboard
  • Coffee explained in 140 characters
  • 8 things your competitors don’t want you to know about fraud

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T-Shirts I’d like to see

The following image is rumored to exist on recent T-shirts, the latest of many “Che” fashion statements:


… well, at least something like it. I haven’t seen it on any shirt, but some are saying that they saw it on some people at one time. But this is the web, and in the spirit of showing rather than telling, I cooked this one up on Photoshop. I would love to have a T-shirt with this image on it. Too bad I couldn’t wear it to work though… 🙁

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Santa Claus and Saint Nick

In my last Crappy Albums posting, I seemed to have made a connection between the Santa myth and the legend of Saint Nicholas.

I have read from Wikipedia that Saint Nicholas was born Nicholas of Myra, some time in 300 BC. He has had many miracles attributed to him, and was sanctified later because of this. However, he was known for the use of his inheritance for the giving of gifts to the needy. This connects with the modern myth that “all gifts come from Saint Nick”, because at one time it really was true.

“Santa Claus” is a corruption of the Dutch “Sinterklaas”. Not sure of the connection of what must roughly translate from “Saint Claus” to Saint Nick”. I don’t think anyone I’ve read has attempted this.

And anyway, if Saint Nick is in heaven now, he probably really does know if you’ve been naughty or nice.

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