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The TI-NSpire Programming Language

A couple of changes to the programming language, including the addition of a host of commands and libraries, and the Request "x",y  command, have made the programming experience more pleasant on the Nspire. Finally, something that comes a giant step closer to behaving like a normal programming language.

The assignment command using “STO>” doesn’t work the way it used to, but I wasn’t aware that the Nspire had a Pascal-style “:=” for variable assignment.

The spreadsheet could be populated once, but re-running the program to populate the spreadsheet with different data lead to the Nspire becoming confused, and garbage buy tramadol usa data winding up on the spreadsheet. Deleting the spreadsheet, and re-inserting the array names once more on the tops of the columns resulted in the new array values updating themselves automatically on the spreadsheet.

There needs to be a way to declare and name a spreadsheet programmatically, and I don’t see a way yet. There also needs to be a way of disposing of the spreadsheet or clearing a spreadsheet, inside of the program. Again, I don’t know of a way to do that yet.

Once I get the code perfected a little more, I’ll post it.