After another crisis, we’re back on the air!

Things were popping in terms of hit counts in the past few weeks, but crapped out when I had to upgrade to a different WordPress version. It turns out I had a corrupt index.php file (2 megs, which is kind of large for a file that should be all of 400 bytes) (397 to be exact).

Then I directed the traffic from this blog to, which might have been a pleasant break from all that “Web 2.0” hubbub on this buy tramadol online overnight website.

But things are back to normal. I would publically thank my sysadmin D’Arcy¬†Cain for helping me out with an error message from his error log. But it could end up that the business that attracts might take him away from playing blues/jazz with his part-time band as he seems to enjoy doing.

FWIW, it would be a good time to plug for the guys that keep this party going, and that’s at here in Toronto.