HP 35s Calculator Annoyances III

I keep saying how much of a fan I am of the RPN mode, and have used it on and off since high school. But times have changed, and HP needs to find a way to manipluate the logic of repeated calculations to make RPN still come out on top, but I feel discouraged, and feel there is no turning back.

I’ll tell you why. For one thing, you can’t enter any calculation in a mode involving stacks and operators, which is at the heart of RPN logic, and expect it to repeat without some way of remembering each operator and number you pressed. And the only way to do that is to really learn how to program this calculator, then preferably bind the program to a key. So, this is really not a calculator for sissies. At least, not unless you stay in algebra mode.

There was one more thing that I don’t think I’ve mentioned: viewing numbers in scientific notation sometimes requires you to use the scroll feature. This is because it will show you as many as 12 digits, pushing the power of 10 exponent off the immediate display.You need the left arrow to see what you missed.

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