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Search terms that did not quite make it, annotated.

On WordPress, we can see a list of search terms people used to find entries on our blogs. Here are some of the more amusing ones. These won’t lead to anything useful on my blog. While my blog has the odd bit of nudity, this is not the mainstay of the blog. All mis-spellings are […]

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Crappy Album Covers #52 — Sorry Individuals

Talk about Mission Accomplished! Now that a black dick is in the white house, attached as it is to a black body, I think that this album has achieved its object.

Most of Obama’s economic advisors who will set the scene are the ones who accelerated the long slope downward under Clinton. It looks as […]

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Crappy Album Covers #50 — Christmas Records

Images for this blog entry came largely from the Amy Oops blog.

The song “All I want for Christmas is My Two Front Teeth” has been around as a recording since at Daryl Gardner penned it in 1946. The one I remember most was one sung by a kid I don’t know the name of, […]

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Writing Again

I get this inspiration to write something sometimes, and then my habit recently has been to write it on to any medium that seems to exist. I earlier purchased a hardcover journal where I think the object of it is to write some response to a quote or biblical passage. Like all of this, I […]

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Remember, when the air was free?

One of the most reassuring things about gas stations is that sign many of them have, advertising “free air”. Yes, those were the days, the days when air was free… I now go to the same gas station, and they now have a coin-operated air pump, which now charges 50 cents for air. The first […]

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Threes (by John Atherton)

I think that I shall never c A # lovelier than 3; For 3 < 6 or 4, And than 1 it’s slightly >. All things in nature come in 3s, Like ∴, trio’s, Q.E.D.s; While $s gain more dignity if augmented 3 x 3 —

A 3 whose slender curves are pressed By banks, […]

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My Geo-Trig Poem

You take tan b and × sin(cos(q+y)) and just to make it more complex ÷ cot(Δx) And so then by csc(Θ) × angles π, ρ, η and show that they continue on by proof with δ – ε.

Once tidied-up you then inspect and find the answer incorrect So then you do the question over […]

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