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Crappy Album Covers #188 — Sex Education

The sexual education of our young is the one touchy point in our society. And whether parents are really saying the right things is what worries counsellors and psychologists all over the world.


Look at the father on the left presumably talking with the young boy. Hopefully, the father is not “showing him […]

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New ways of going insane

“Excessive text messaging and email” is now proposed to be included as new mental illnesses in an update to the Diagnostics and Statistical Manual (DSM-IV). These are not the only silly classifications they have.

One proposed mental illness that I have heard from that seminal magazine, the Journal of Polymorphic Perversity, is “Consensual Validation Disorder”. […]

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Positive thinking is a form of denial

I just wanted to make an observation. In the clinical sense, positive thinking is in fact a form of denial. I say “a form of”, since the difference is in who is in control. Denial is, to me the ignoring of certain aspects in your life in order to make life seem as if it […]

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