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A very creative video

Imagine being able to speak sentences of prose in any order you choose. This site has an interactive Flash “video” of a CS Lewis passage, which is spoken to a music loop in the background. Click on a stop on a railway map, and a particular passage is read to you. You may click in […]

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Crappy Album Covers #240 — Overdone

The Funk/R&B/Disco group Parliament has built thier image on over-the-top costumes and stage settings. Parliament’s 1976 LP “The Clones of Dr Funkenstein” is no exception.

George Clinton seems to be saying “Hey! Who put boobs on this clone?!?” Manowar, if you have read my last entry on them, were noted for their independent business […]

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Crappy Album Covers #239 — More Exotica (or how does the chick keep her bra on?)

More exotica, yet, due to the surfeit of strapless gowns, strapless brassieres, and strapless halters, we return to the same eternal questions. How do they stay on? Why aren’t the chicks modelling for WonderBra instead of propping up the Exotica industry? In this phot lies part of the answer. The chick couldn’t keep hers […]

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