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The indices of Harper’s Magazine

I have been a fan of Harper’s Magazine since the 1980s. In particular, I loved the Readings section, as well as the factoids list (with citations) known as Harper’s Index, near the front of each issue. Here are 100 factoids I’ve researched from over the years, dates not important, but they have been taken from […]

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Happy 400th, KJV! (and Hamlet!)

Am I the only one who noticed that the King James Bible, written in 1611, is 400 years old this year? While I am not certain exactly what kind of a celebration we would have as a culture, but I believe that at least some mention is in order.

I remember that 1611 was the […]

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The new OCT designation (Ontario Certified Teacher)

I have seen the OCT promo video (looks expensively done) that justifies the new letters which are touted to put me on some kind of a footing with doctors and engineers, and others who pay exorbitant fees to have letters placed after their name, like FRCP, and so on. In this designation, “OCT” stands for […]

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The TI-NSpire: On the bright side

I have said much that I think needed to be said about the down sides of the NSpire CAS calculator. This was because I had heard enough promotional peddling from other people about this calculator that I thought the air needed to be cleared and people be brought down to earth about the calculator. I […]

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Threes (by John Atherton)

I think that I shall never c A # lovelier than 3; For 3 < 6 or 4, And than 1 it’s slightly >. All things in nature come in 3s, Like ∴, trio’s, Q.E.D.s; While $s gain more dignity if augmented 3 x 3 —

A 3 whose slender curves are pressed By banks, […]

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My Geo-Trig Poem

You take tan b and × sin(cos(q+y)) and just to make it more complex ÷ cot(Δx) And so then by csc(Θ) × angles π, ρ, η and show that they continue on by proof with δ – ε.

Once tidied-up you then inspect and find the answer incorrect So then you do the question over […]

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