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Completely believing people's wildest stories

I’m into totally believing every story people tell me about themselves. Sometimes, when people tell me their problems, it’s complete horse-crap, with only the flimsiest relation to reality. But I sit in wide-eyed fascination of these artistic bullshitters. I’m just along for the ride, and sitting and listening to these tall tales aren’t really going […]

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Remember, when the air was free?

One of the most reassuring things about gas stations is that sign many of them have, advertising “free air”. Yes, those were the days, the days when air was free… I now go to the same gas station, and they now have a coin-operated air pump, which now charges 50 cents for air. The first […]

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Threes (by John Atherton)

I think that I shall never c A # lovelier than 3; For 3 < 6 or 4, And than 1 it’s slightly >. All things in nature come in 3s, Like ∴, trio’s, Q.E.D.s; While $s gain more dignity if augmented 3 x 3 —

A 3 whose slender curves are pressed By banks, […]

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Are there unused icons on your desktop?

Nothing brings Windows to its knees more than unused icons on your desktop. It must be so, because every so often whenever I use Windows, I get this annoying message on my toolbar (one of those balloon things) saying that there are unused icons. This must be some kind of important message, otherwise it wouldn’t […]

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