Rape accusations are a distraction

It is just in the character of politics that accusations of sex crime become more important than actual corruption and bias on the job. I do not wish to downplay Dr. Christine Blasey-Ford’s narrative. I was moved, as would anyone be who listened to even part of it. But it is still a distraction in its utter lack of evidence. There was no real testimony or calling of other witnesses. The lawyer (not a senator) who did all of the questioning, failed to boost Brett Michael Kavanaugh’s credibility, so the senators, who had all given up their right to speak, had their right to speak materialize from out of nowhere (and out of protocol), and began impassioned defenses for Kavanaugh. In other words, it was a media circus. While this was not a criminal trial, the US Senate was still expected to use the testimony of Ford and Kavanaugh to render judgement on Kavanaugh’s suitability for a lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court.

The real issues that got to me would require me to look a little deeper into Kavanaugh’s participation in the line of sexually explicit questioning that impeached former President Bill Clinton. There is a mountain of evidence from here that would easily result in showing that Kavanaugh is a creature of the Republican Party, and could not be expected to render fair judgements on matters of political import, or for that matter of other kinds of importance regarding matters that are in the Republican playbook, such as abortion.

What does it matter if Kavanaugh assaulted Ford? Did Kavanaugh pass out after drinking?

These questions are smokescreens that just keep people guessing. Strategists in the Republican party seemed to have figured out that they can’t promote Kavanaugh by allowing the truth to come out, so after suppressing a rather voluminous paper trail left by him during the Clinton and Bush administrations, and limiting the FBI investigation after Ford’s testimony, and instead, focusing on a he-said-she-said account of “what might have happened 35 years ago” or “whether the Clintons were seeking revenge” was a way to keep the discussion off anything that matters.

Ford’s testimony, along with those of two other women, have been helpful in keeping the conversation moving toward “did he rape her/didn’t he rape her” and away from “what else was Kavanaugh doing under Bush’s payroll?”, or “isn’t there a conflict of interest in appointing supreme court judges at all when the president is under criminal investigation?” the latter two of which are either more recent or has a provable paper trail, and would be more compelling. Not for the Democrats, who have already seen enough, but for the public, who need to be shown these details to convince their Republican senators to vote against him.

Though Kavanaugh has been sworn in, the documents won’t be held forever. In fact, most of them will be released at the end of October.

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  1. False testimony is evil. I was almost a victim of it – some HS girls thought it would be fun to pull a prank and called the police claiming that a guy attempted to kidnap one of them. They describe me, my car, got 3 numbers correct on my license plate. It made the local papers. Even my friends jokingly called up: “Bunk! What did you do now?”

    I hunkered down in my apartment, didn’t drive anywhere, and a week or so later the accusers’ stories conflicted and they confessed to making it all up. They arbitrarily chose me as I was passing their school. Fortunately I was never arrested.

    I know two other people who were falsely accused, and were eventually exonerated after court hearings. False testimony is evil.

    1. Wow. Just … wow. I am not accusing anyone of falsehood, I was more against having to listen to accounts that no one can prove or even disprove any longer. But I can see that this case could easily have become something like your story, since it still makes Kavanaugh appear shady. It would appear as if, while you were never arrested or questioned (it appears), it did hit the rumor mill, since you say that friends stopped you and asked about it. Still. Holy toledo. I hope the rumors died down after the truth came out.

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