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Completely believing people's wildest stories

I’m into totally believing every story people tell me about themselves. Sometimes, when people tell me their problems, it’s complete horse-crap, with only the flimsiest relation to reality. But I sit in wide-eyed fascination of these artistic bullshitters. I’m just along for the ride, and sitting and listening to these tall tales aren’t really going […]

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I wannabe Chris: A parody about Chris Crocker Parodies – Updates

Some updates to the story I wrote.

There are some minor changes to my story. (link above)

The Chris Crocker video in question.

His imitators (parody, of course, and not all male). Many of these stray far off the topic of Chris Crocker: 1 2 3 4 5 (Israel?) 6 7 8 9 10 (a […]

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Threes (by John Atherton)

I think that I shall never c A # lovelier than 3; For 3 < 6 or 4, And than 1 it’s slightly >. All things in nature come in 3s, Like ∴, trio’s, Q.E.D.s; While $s gain more dignity if augmented 3 x 3 —

A 3 whose slender curves are pressed By banks, […]

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My Geo-Trig Poem

You take tan b and × sin(cos(q+y)) and just to make it more complex ÷ cot(Δx) And so then by csc(Θ) × angles π, ρ, η and show that they continue on by proof with δ – ε.

Once tidied-up you then inspect and find the answer incorrect So then you do the question over […]

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A shaggy dog

I have always been in stitches every time I read Peter Applebome’s imitation Hemingway:

We were young and our happiness dazzled us with its strength. But there was also a terrible betrayal that lay within me like a Merle Haggard song at a French restaurant. …

I could not tell the girl about the woman […]

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Little known books by JK Rowling

Welcome Back, Potter

Harry Potter gets teacher training, graduates, and gets sent back to Hogwarts to teach. He is assigned a classroom of the worst students in the school, referred to as “sweathogs”, or to be more precise, “warthogs”. See what happens with our future witches and warlocks who have emotional and learning problems, who […]

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