(Almost) Binge Watching Monarchy News

queen and kermit
Queen Elizabeth shaking hands with Kermit The Frog.

I can say that I have not sat in front of the television for a sustained number of hours watching all things related to the passing of Queen Elizabeth II, but I can see that the networks are trying hard to make it a reality.

Thank God I have a PVR so I can think of other things to do, but still not miss too many details over the couse of time. Most of these docs were made only in recent years before her death, but on CBC’s The Documentary Channel, here they are, all presented in one go, for a good 6-8 hours or so. So I surf to each show on the programming schedule timeline, and press Record, so that I can view them on my own time.

What can I say in these bizarre days of tribalism, global warming, political wingnuts, poverty and social decay, except that this news is the closest thing to normal I have heard about in a long time. Not that British monarchs die every day; but that I think it just connects us to a more normal past.

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7 thoughts on “(Almost) Binge Watching Monarchy News”

  1. Monarchy news depends on who is doing the reporting. If it’s the Guardian, it’s anti-Royals. If it’s the Daily Main, it’s pro-Royals. If you want to make it stop, you need to cancel your subscription to British tabloids and newspapers, at least if you are in the UK.

  2. I love following the monarchs as well as reading up on whatever gossip I can about them! It fills the day.

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