Back after being blocked out

I haven’t published anything at this blog since mid-2011, and I won’t for some time, as I have to now fix the site. First, I needed to get rid of fake subscribers (over 15 thousand of them)  placed here by spambots. Spambots have also inserted nearly 150 thousand fake messages should you like to hear about male enhancement or raft of stolen/fake Gucci clothing. The “subscribers” are easy to get rid of; the messages are not. I can get rid of them about 200 at a time, but the process is slow. Nursing this patient to health will take some time.

This site still needs its plugins re-installed, spam deleted, and other things updated. The whole loss of the blog was due to a mysterious (until now) bug that prevented me from logging in to do anything. I just got rid of a lot of cruft and installed a fresh copy of the latest WordPress source in place of the old code. Now things are comparatively normal.

Meanwhile, check out my more academic blog, the Pi Kappa Journal. The initials of Pi Kappa are my initials, I try not to make things too snooty around here, so there is no significance intended in the choice of Greek letters in themselves. There, I have documented many of my latest chills and spills  into scitech.

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