(Adult Content) Crappy Album Covers #159 — Another rule: Male nudity doesn’t work as well

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Album_Cover_Crap_319_Yes Men and women both buy records. With this idea in mind, I have no idea why it is that female nudity sells even the crappiest records, while male nudity doesn’t. I am not a marketing psychologist, so I have no idea why that is. Yes’s 1977 album “Going for the One”, which sold certified Gold, depicts a naked man in front of L. A.’s Century Plaza Towers. The towers are surreal and distorted, and it has all of these dotted and solid lines that make little sense. Chalk one up for the overly self-indulgent side of prog rock. Despite the album cover’s tastelessness, the album’s contents are considered among Yes’s finest work, and marks the first of many times Rick Wakeman had returned to the group.

This recording has been reissued in 2003 by Rhino Records with a large number of added tracks.

Album_Cover_Crap_276_rateyourmusic_com This 1994 EP, released by Unrest on Teenbeat Records before the time they were signed to the 4AD label, also shows why male nudity is just, well, … limp.

Unrest has had dozens of releases of original work as well as compilations. They started in 1982 in Washington, DC.


2 thoughts on “(Adult Content) Crappy Album Covers #159 — Another rule: Male nudity doesn’t work as well”

    1. Well, that’s not the tack I was taking. I was musing as to why is it that female sexuality sells to men but male sexuality doesn’t necessarily sell to women. It sort of relates to why Playgirl magazine (intended for women) didn’t sell as well as Playboy magazine.

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